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Coolest places the environment at the center of its activities, both in the company and in the projects it implements.

We understand that consumers today increasingly want to live and buy sustainably. They are eager to do their part, but they also expect companies to operate sustainably, improving their social impact and reducing their environmental impact. Emvisia wants to participate in the fight against climate change, so it has decided to adopt a series of virtuous practices and behaviors both in the company and in the projects it implements.

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Inside our company

We adopt an environmental management protocol that, starting with the analysis of all factors, directs every activity toward minimizing impacts.

We make our production processes virtuous through control of climate-changing gas emissions, reduction of energy waste, minimization of material consumption, and proper waste management. We prefer suppliers and partners who support sustainable development, not forgetting to raise all our employees' awareness of environmental policy issues.

Zero-impact design

With regard to the implementation of our projects, we are oriented toward achieving a "green" model through the values of sustainability declined in our daily actions.


These include elimination of substances or materials with particular environmental impact, selection of “green” materials, reuse of available resources, and optimized end-of-life management.


The use of aluminum, textiles and easily recyclable materials also allows us to carry out our activities with a view to a circular economy and sustainability.


Even with regard to the packaging of our products, we adopt responsible management policies by reducing the use of non-recyclable or non-biodegradable materials.


Our products, made to offer maximum efficiency and sustainability, are the result of Emvisia's commitment to maintaining high quality standards. All of our solutions are certified:

ISO 45001

With the UNI ISO 45001 standard we improve prevention and protection policies for workers. We also obtain an internationally recognized tool to combat occupational injuries and illnesses more and more effectively.


The main purpose of ISO 9001 is the pursuit of customer satisfaction with the products and services provided, as well as the continuous improvement of business performance, ensuring that the quality of our goods and services is maintained and improved over time.

ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 standard provides a management framework for integrating environmental management practices, pursuing environmental protection, pollution prevention and reduction of energy and resource consumption.

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